Follow me and my drones, as we travel around the world, one race at a time!

My  Sponsors :)

FPV Landing Pages

This is my own small bussiness, which offers custom websites for pilots and teams, just like the website you are looking this at right now! So basically this represents my wallet and my wife, who are amazing sponsors ;)

Pyro Drone

Serge and the PiroDrone guys are a great support and my latest sponsor.  They are one of the most commited hard working people I know in the industry and hook me up as fast as they can with tons of quad parts!

Secret Weapon Drones

Some of the highest quality carbon frames in the market. Janry Burns is an awesome smart pilot, who designs and manufactures probably my favorite frame out there! BX-5 True X!

Battery Sponsor

This is YOU! The last member of my Dream Team!  I need you to help me put those laps in by delivering those amps to my quad! #giveMeThose mAH